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AI & Marketing: Closing the gap on Data & Creativity

Posted by Maggie Solé on Jul 19, 2019 11:28:00 AM

After years building tech and knowledge working with the top digital advertisers in multiple verticals, Winclap is opening their platform through a cloud based service that will enable Advertisers from all around the world to leverage from its AI tech. We've interviewed Gonzalo Olmedo, co-founder and CSO at Winclap, to learn better about where they're going with this launch and what they want to achieve.

M- So, what is this new technology you are launching to the market? G- We noticed that Marketing, specially Mobile Marketing, is a crowded space. There are multiple tools, media sources and agencies that create a chaotic operation management for enterprise CMOs. CMOs and Marketing teams need simplicity in their internal processes. Since costs of acquiring new users are growing and organic uplift multipliers are decreasing, they need to execute flawlessly, and more importantly, they need to take better decisions than their competitors.

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6,140 Mobile Apps Are Released Every Day: What’s Your Growth Plan?

Posted by Maggie Solé on Mar 1, 2019 11:40:19 AM

Every mobile app marketer needs users that engage with their app. As simply as it may sound, this is hard work.

There are different ways to attract users. One way is by having a high ranking in the app stores. If many people are downloading my app, this is because it is a good one right? To inch their way up, some marketers hire App Store Optimization (ASO) partners, advertise on social media or even through offline channels.

But all these routes comes at a cost. In the case of ASO, marketers that lack the funds or know-how to hire good partners can find themselves spending a fair amount of time manually optimizing the name, description, click-through and update rates of their apps in the hopes of achieving a higher billing. But with millions of apps to choose from, getting a top ranking, even within your own category is difficult at best.

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