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Rafael Kieling

Rafael Kieling
Rafa is one of the first Growth Managers at Winclap. He is very analytical and dedicated to his clients. He works very closely with Clients and Suppliers to check everything is working correctly.
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The Tree of Growth

Posted by Rafael Kieling on Feb 11, 2019 5:17:00 PM

I’m a Growth Manager. Basically, I help clients grow their business by understanding the main goals of their app marketing campaigns and using my expertise to achieve them.  Every client is definitely unique. They have different strengths, weaknesses and even different ways to experience and benefit from mobile marketing. So I have to work closely in order to help them succeed.  

For that reason, I thought:  “Why not make a diagram of my daily management?” to clarify how I do it. In this way, I will see clearly the whole process and identify where I can work harder to improve my client's campaigns and add more value to it. 

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