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Finding the Right Mobile App Users

Posted by Maggie Solé on Oct 5, 2018 11:59:31 AM
Maggie Solé
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The Mobile App Ecosystem can be confusing sometimes. Today, app marketers work with lots of technology partners at the same time, obtaining millions of data insights to analyze. This makes it very hard to understand the real quality of the users they acquire. But before we talk about insights, let's start from the basics. 
1- Your Key Event or main goal: to drive an effective UA campaign, first you need to identify your App KPI. In terms of business value, are you looking only for installs or are you looking for specific in-app events? From all the events that a user can do in your app, did you identify which is your key event? You must focus on your goal during your whole UA strategy.

2- Well-designed ad assets: your creative ad assets are the keys to help you find different type of users for your app. Either you may want to get installs for a new app or you may want to focus on driving in-app actions, your creatives must show your goal to drive App campaign success.
3-  Managing multiple goals: if you have multiple goals, it’s better to set up different campaigns to optimize according to a specific goal. A new campaign will be better at optimizing your bids and ads for an audience who can meet each goal.
4- Pricing: Once you have this key event it's time to set up your user acquisition strategy depending on that goal. This goal will determine how much you are willing to pay for a new user.
So, which is your key event?
In App Action drive your business value



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