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4 things a Start Up should not do

4 things a Start Up should not do

To be or not to be an entrepreneur is something that almost everyone has wondered at least once in a lifetime. Who wouldn't love to be their own boss? But starting your own startup it's not a path covered only of joy and happiness. In fact, when starting your business we dare to say that you will have to go through a lot of frustrating situations.

In order to avoid you or someone you know drop everything before even starting, here are 4 common mistakes that you should totally avoid.

  • Not being willing to change: When starting with ...

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Programmatic Trends for 2016

Programmatic Trends for 2016

prog_trends_2016.jpgIt's the beginning of a new year, and we still can  take advantage of the barrage of digital marketing trend pieces. Is in 2016 finally when marketing mobile will be materialized? Are brand budgets going to shift to programmatic once and for all?

Programmatic advertising enables greater marketing performance, transparency and ROI for marketing budgets. However despite the huge opportunity that it promises, there is a significant knowledge gap and in some cases misunderstanding surrounding the topic. At the risk of appearing like more of the same, here's the RevJet take on what's developed in mobile and programmatic in 2015, and ...

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5 digital marketing trends that will be huge in 2016

5 digital marketing trends that will be huge in 2016

Digital marketing is on the rise and as a constantly growing trend it adopts new forms every day. This year was a huge year for the industry, but next one will be even better. This means more spend on digital marketing, therefore companies will be working hard, really hard, to come up with creative, full of content and amazing digital campaigns. So, in case you don’t want to stay behind your competitors you should really consider the following trends: 

  • Viral videos will be a must: Do you think you saw lots of videos this year? Let me tell ...

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