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4 things a Start Up should not do

4 things a Start Up should not do

To be or not to be an entrepreneur is something that almost everyone has wondered at least once in a lifetime. Who wouldn't love to be their own boss? But starting your own startup it's not a path covered only of joy and happiness. In fact, when starting your business we dare to say that you will have to go through a lot of frustrating situations.

In order to avoid you or someone you know drop everything before even starting, here are 4 common mistakes that you should totally avoid.

  • Not being willing to change: When starting with ...

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4 easy steps to get the job you are looking for

4 easy steps to get the job you are looking for

Looking for a job is definitely not an easy task, but finding the job you want and actually getting it is worth the sacrifice. We all been through the stressful situation of long job interviews and difficult applications and we know it's very easy to screw it up. So, in order to make the search a little bit easier and prepare yourself to go out there and get that job, we enlisted some tips that may help you: 

  • Polish your resume: It's important that you acknowledge that your resume is the first impression your potential employer ...

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