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Media is creativity

Media is creativity

We've all ever been in front of the TV, watching one of those notices should clearly be an inspiring message, but ends up causing the opposite. Surely you have also seen those banners that take the entire space of their screens offering something that is not nearly relevant. Worse even, those QR codes that usually appear in the subway intended to be scanned in the middle of the mess. 

The industry has a blind spot. There are too many experiences ending up different from intended results; the consequence is that these ideas end up communicating to the wrong person ...

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The importance of knowing your target audience

The importance of knowing your target audience

Nowadays, understanding your target audience is an important step in creating an app. Building trust in users is vital in instigating loyalty and engagement. To do so, you need to listen to your users and understand their needs. Your app must deliver relevant content and information using methods that are most desirable to your objetive audience.

By figuring out a target audience for an app, you can:

  • Use the best monetization model 
  • Develop a precise and effective marketing campaign
  • Plan functionality and design around their needs and preferences

There are two ways of identifying a group of people you want ...

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Native advertising’s giant step into mobile marketing

Native advertising’s giant step into mobile marketing

Everyone knows, advertisers are to blame for bad innovative. It’s a traditional problem, not a mobile one. The ad blocking storm may even be a key driver in accelerating the move of publishers from their mobile websites to their own apps.

From our mobile-first perspective at WinClap, additional building locks for a solution to dated advertising units were already well a-going in the form of Native Ad, a format uniquely suitable to mobile. A common definition for “Native Advertising” is that whichmatches the look and feel of the host site. At its most creative, it mixes up seamlessly into the user experience ...

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While RTB is growing, is your mobile marketing going on?

While RTB is growing, is your mobile marketing going on?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is the fastest-growing mobile marketing tech. Joining these high-velocity jam for individual mobile ad impressions is a huge opportunity for tech-savvy mobile merchants.

RTB is the booming generation of targeted advertising: whereas more traditional ads offer demographic targeting, RTB exchanges set up individual user targeting. This, consecuently, unlocks unusual opportunities for more effectively engaging with customers.

According to Business Insider RTB market share of mobile advertising revenue will grow from 3% in 2013 to 30% in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 128%.

At the end of 2014 this predicted growth already appears to be ...

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Programmatic Trends for 2016

Programmatic Trends for 2016

prog_trends_2016.jpgIt's the beginning of a new year, and we still can  take advantage of the barrage of digital marketing trend pieces. Is in 2016 finally when marketing mobile will be materialized? Are brand budgets going to shift to programmatic once and for all?

Programmatic advertising enables greater marketing performance, transparency and ROI for marketing budgets. However despite the huge opportunity that it promises, there is a significant knowledge gap and in some cases misunderstanding surrounding the topic. At the risk of appearing like more of the same, here's the RevJet take on what's developed in mobile and programmatic in 2015, and ...

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3 key topics to define who wins in 2016

3 key topics to define who wins in 2016

During 2015, one of the social media giants has been the reference point for mobile monetization progress.

Although public markets like to reference each company, they continue ignoring many of the real ad-tech problems in the industry. Digital advertising is still growing, but there are still many mistakes to learn from. Here are, three key topics from 2015 that will further define who wins in 2016:

  1. Market Quality
  2. Data and Ownership
  3. Demand Loaded Platforms
Before breaking down these three topics are needed some expectations and background. The value of mobile, ad servers, RTB or the SSP model is inmense. Also ...

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WinClap's RTB!

WinClap's RTB!

The first decision to make is how you want your inventory to be monetized. While the strategies behind this might differ from one publisher to another, the two main approaches tend to be:

  1. Achieving the highest rate (CPC/CPM)
  2. Maximizing total revenue

WinClap's RTB Ad Exchange is the perfect first stop to succeed in achieving those two goals. In this platform we sale off your requests in a real-time environment, a solution that in many cases offers our publishers the most premium monetization possible. However, as you probably already know, high prices can over time lead to a lower ...

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Making programmatic marketing more creative

People don’t see algorithms, people see ads. Yet as the ad industry quickly moves toward an inevitable end state where the vast majority of media is transacted programmatically, something kind of important got left behind: creativity. The programmatic industry has spent the last 5 years focused almost entirely on targeting and efficiency, but that;s starting to change, for a unique reason: programmatic is fundamentally about optimizing toward outcomes, and creative has more influence on results than media does.

At the moment most creatives do not pay attention to programmatic, because they do not realize how important this is. To begin with ...

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4 tips that will help you master user acquisition.

4 tips that will help you master user acquisition.

We all need to get new customers to make our products and businesses function. Whether there are a few users paying big bucks or thousands visiting your platform for free, how you get and retain customers is what is important. An effective user acquisition strategy is the basically haven for most marketers out there, whether it’s a mix of channels that generate a constant flow of new users at an acceptable cost or a wise tactic that gives a new product a boost in users in a short period of time. The first question you have to ask your self ...

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App or Mobile Site? 4 tips to know what works best for your company

App or Mobile Site? 4 tips to know what works best for your company

Deciding to develop a mobile version of your website is clearly a wise decision. As a company or even as a professional, developing your mobile identity is not an easy task and the very first question that you have to make is: Am I going to develop an App or a mobile site? While this decision depends on several factors, here are 4 useful tips to help you decide with one suits you or your company better:

  • Focus on content: When thinking of your site, think about what do you have to offer? If you only want to have an ...

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