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Internal public, the main ally of Marketing

Internal public, the main ally of Marketing

The world of marketing is huge. This planet not only includes advertising, economy, trade and business but also human resources, psychology and sociology.

Daily great efforts are made on the relationship with our external groups of interest; we design campaigns and strong plans for market research to impact on our sales, but the truth is that efforts will always be small if the company is limited only to shout promotions, benefits and values that in the experience and customer service are not enough.

The relationship marketing not only limits liability to the area of marketing, but also, includes key areas ...

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5 statistics that show how important employee feedback is

5 statistics that show how important employee feedback is

I'm pretty sure you are all aware of how important is to know how your employees are feeling; if they feel motivated, what are their strengths or what they want to improve. It´s every manager´s responsibility to constantly provide his employees feedback in order to create a good working environment. Giving constant feedback it´s not only beneficial for the work team but for the whole company as well.

To make this as clear as possible we enlisted some statistics to take into account:

  • 39% of employees don´t feel valued in their work: This is a huge thing in today´s ...

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