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Mobile Market increased by 95%

Mobile Market increased by 95%

The 8th edition of Mobile Marketing Study organized by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) states that mobile penetration in people aged 16-65 years reached 94%.

The association of advertising marketing and digital communication in Spain conducted 1100 online interviews involving a "solid sample". 

The most relevant and useful conclusions for designing mobile marketing strategies are: 

- Young people are connected more on average, 3:50 hours per day.

- 9 out of 10 users reported having made a purchase via mobile.

- Mobile phones are used in the process of buying 82% for information.

- Most bought categories are fashion, leisure, travel and electronics ...

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Why companies need to increase their mobile ad budget right now

Why  companies need to increase their mobile ad budget right now

Now that we spoke about why mobile ad is the next big thing in marketing, let´s get more into the industry itself and understand why companies need to increase their mobile ad Budget for good. As we mentioned in previous posts, people spend an average of 3 hours a day looking at their mobile devices, and there is more mobile devices than people in the world (shocking, right?). So at this point, this fact truly represents a huge opportunity for companies to get right into every client´s brain and show then what they want to see.

Not convinced yet? Let ...

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