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4 things a Start Up should not do

4 things a Start Up should not do

To be or not to be an entrepreneur is something that almost everyone has wondered at least once in a lifetime. Who wouldn't love to be their own boss? But starting your own startup it's not a path covered only of joy and happiness. In fact, when starting your business we dare to say that you will have to go through a lot of frustrating situations.

In order to avoid you or someone you know drop everything before even starting, here are 4 common mistakes that you should totally avoid.

  • Not being willing to change: When starting with ...

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How does your technology show up in the future of programmatic?

How does your technology show up in the future of programmatic?

Programmatic is the future of mobile advertising, empowering marketing companies to be more effective and powerful than ever before. The true promise of programmatic technology is in its unique key advantage for each business; programmatic system is a catalyst for change across the organization. The benefits will be different for every organization and the promise is the eye of the beholder. The industry is innovating at a rapid pace, and it’s now simple for traditional guaranteed media to be bought programmatically. 

For the vast majority of societys, that promise is tied to lowering the cost of media while optimizing that ...

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5 easy tips to make your brand succeed on Instagram

5 easy tips to make your brand succeed on Instagram

With over 300 million monthly active users, Instagram is ruling the social media game right now. It is perfect to communicate short but yet very effective posts with a strong image support. It's also no news that several brands are taking advantage of how fast this social network is growing and they are having several benefits out of this. Having an Instagram profile is something that should totally be a must when it comes to your company`s social media plan and we are not talking only about branding and image development but about driving revenue too (yes, you ...

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Costumer Journey: A new “must” in marketing

Costumer Journey: A new “must” in marketing

Marketing has always been about customers and their needs but, as time goes by, countless tools to understand our public keep on appearing in order to make our business managment smarter. One of this tools is known as “Costumer Journey” and in case you never heard about it let me tell you a little bit about it. The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer ...

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3 reasons why mobile marketing is shaking things up

3 reasons why mobile marketing is shaking things up

In times of hectic and constant changes in advertising and promotion, mobile marketing has come to stay and change the game as we know it. Reaching an 86% of growth rate this year, this trend has developed countless opportunities for almost every business in the industry by providing useful and measurable tools not only to increase a company's market share, but to create a strong relationship network with clients.

Here are 3 reasons why mobile marketing is getting big right now:

  • Three-quarters of digital add spendings will be mobile by 2019
  • App-install ads are expected to increase 20 percent ...

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