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The relevance of Content Marketing

The relevance of Content Marketing

Day by day, traditional marketing is less and less effective. Long ago, marketing strategies have changed. While some are obsolete, others are becoming useful. One of these tools highlighted in 2016 was Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a rewarding commerce strategy, and because of its usefulness, all business should reap the benefits. A strategic marketing implement focused on creating and distributing rewarding, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience. 

Unlike other forms of online marketing, content marketing relies on intercepting an existing customer need, as opposed to creating demand for a new need. It is used by ...

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4 things a Start Up should not do

4 things a Start Up should not do

To be or not to be an entrepreneur is something that almost everyone has wondered at least once in a lifetime. Who wouldn't love to be their own boss? But starting your own startup it's not a path covered only of joy and happiness. In fact, when starting your business we dare to say that you will have to go through a lot of frustrating situations.

In order to avoid you or someone you know drop everything before even starting, here are 4 common mistakes that you should totally avoid.

  • Not being willing to change: When starting with ...

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Mobile Market increased by 95%

Mobile Market increased by 95%

The 8th edition of Mobile Marketing Study organized by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) states that mobile penetration in people aged 16-65 years reached 94%.

The association of advertising marketing and digital communication in Spain conducted 1100 online interviews involving a "solid sample". 

The most relevant and useful conclusions for designing mobile marketing strategies are: 

- Young people are connected more on average, 3:50 hours per day.

- 9 out of 10 users reported having made a purchase via mobile.

- Mobile phones are used in the process of buying 82% for information.

- Most bought categories are fashion, leisure, travel and electronics ...

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5 steps to improve Internal PR

5 steps to improve Internal PR

In Public Relations we worry too much about how communicate externally. Everyone focus on PR pitch strategy, measurement, media and external audience. So much so that we usually forget about internal audience. The problem is that when we forget internal audience, we've inadvertently failed with 50% of our job.

Most fall into the same trap: we prioritize the external communications tactics in order to show our ROI and we forget about the importance of internal publics and its relationships. as with every marketing job, it’s important to know your audience. The point is: the most valuable component of a company is ...

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Internal public, the main ally of Marketing

Internal public, the main ally of Marketing

The world of marketing is huge. This planet not only includes advertising, economy, trade and business but also human resources, psychology and sociology.

Daily great efforts are made on the relationship with our external groups of interest; we design campaigns and strong plans for market research to impact on our sales, but the truth is that efforts will always be small if the company is limited only to shout promotions, benefits and values that in the experience and customer service are not enough.

The relationship marketing not only limits liability to the area of marketing, but also, includes key areas ...

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El evento de emprendedores y Pymes más grande del país tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Córdoba hoy en el Centro de Congresos y Convenciones del Córdoba Quorum Hotel en Ciudad Empresaria hoy desde las 9 de la mañana y WinClap tuvo el honor de ser invitado para compartirlo.

Conducido por Martín Frascaroli (fundador de AIVO), esta edicion contó con la participación de Mariano Mayer, Secretario de Emprendedores de la Nación.

Las clásicas Endeavor Talks estuvieron protagonizadas por:

Marcos Galperín, Presidente, CEO y Fundador de MercadoLibre, quien demostró que la realidad puede cambiarse y debe adaptarse a las necesidades de la sociedad y cómo ...

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Media is creativity

Media is creativity

We've all ever been in front of the TV, watching one of those notices should clearly be an inspiring message, but ends up causing the opposite. Surely you have also seen those banners that take the entire space of their screens offering something that is not nearly relevant. Worse even, those QR codes that usually appear in the subway intended to be scanned in the middle of the mess. 

The industry has a blind spot. There are too many experiences ending up different from intended results; the consequence is that these ideas end up communicating to the wrong person ...

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10 ways to retain users in your mobile app

10 ways to retain users in your mobile app

More than 20% of apps are used only once and abandoned thereafter. Most smartphone users have more than 50 apps on their phones and it’s easy for your app to get lost in the sopped and challenger marketplace.

Brand such as McDonald's, Freddo, Starbucks, Zara have successfully used mobile apps to boost sales, enrich the personal customer experience and improve loyalty, but simply investing in an application is not enough, it has to fit in the company’s overall goals and be backed by a strong product and marketing strategy. It is not easy to create a relationship with the customer and build ...

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The importance of knowing your target audience

The importance of knowing your target audience

Nowadays, understanding your target audience is an important step in creating an app. Building trust in users is vital in instigating loyalty and engagement. To do so, you need to listen to your users and understand their needs. Your app must deliver relevant content and information using methods that are most desirable to your objetive audience.

By figuring out a target audience for an app, you can:

  • Use the best monetization model 
  • Develop a precise and effective marketing campaign
  • Plan functionality and design around their needs and preferences

There are two ways of identifying a group of people you want ...

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Native advertising’s giant step into mobile marketing

Native advertising’s giant step into mobile marketing

Everyone knows, advertisers are to blame for bad innovative. It’s a traditional problem, not a mobile one. The ad blocking storm may even be a key driver in accelerating the move of publishers from their mobile websites to their own apps.

From our mobile-first perspective at WinClap, additional building locks for a solution to dated advertising units were already well a-going in the form of Native Ad, a format uniquely suitable to mobile. A common definition for “Native Advertising” is that whichmatches the look and feel of the host site. At its most creative, it mixes up seamlessly into the user experience ...

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