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The relevance of Content Marketing

The relevance of Content Marketing

The relevance of Content Marketing

Day by day, traditional marketing is less and less effective. Long ago, marketing strategies have changed. While some are obsolete, others are becoming useful. One of these tools highlighted in 2016 was Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a rewarding commerce strategy, and because of its usefulness, all business should reap the benefits. A strategic marketing implement focused on creating and distributing rewarding, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience. 

Unlike other forms of online marketing, content marketing relies on intercepting an existing customer need, as opposed to creating demand for a new need. It is used by businesses in order to: expand and diversy their user base, establish or Increase online sales, increase brand awareness or credibilite and create an online community of users. Instead of feeding up customers launching products or services, it's better to provide outstanding matters to help them to solve their issues.

Anyone in B2B has been developing collateral, sales aids, marketing literature, or simply, selling their products. In the long B2B sales cycle, it's vital to develop material that includes interest of the whole staff involved in the purchase decision. Initiator, researcher, influencer, lister, evaluator, journalist, manager, recommender, final decision maker and check signer need to understand and be aware of the subjetcs of their enterprise. 

The key word here is “valuable.” It’s what changes this definition from one that could describe almost any form of advertising or marketing.

As James O'Brian of Contently wrote on Mashable: "The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story."

The problem appears when marketers believe that their reason for existence is to create content, rather than communicate with clients and sell stuff. Content marketing is just one of the essential elements in the mix and should not be used as a stand alone. 

So, focus on what you think not on what you sell. Last but not least, the descriptions should be brief and specific. And do not forget: Traditional Marketing aims to sell a product; Content Marketing sells the idea of the product. 


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