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5 steps to improve Internal PR

5 steps to improve Internal PR

5 steps to improve Internal PR

In Public Relations we worry too much about how communicate externally. Everyone focus on PR pitch strategy, measurement, media and external audience. So much so that we usually forget about internal audience. The problem is that when we forget internal audience, we've inadvertently failed with 50% of our job.

Most fall into the same trap: we prioritize the external communications tactics in order to show our ROI and we forget about the importance of internal publics and its relationships. as with every marketing job, it’s important to know your audience. The point is: the most valuable component of a company is its internal public. Stop thinking that your internal audience is only your boss. On the contrary, IP is each employee across the organization.

By considering internal audience the company will show its value, become a trusted resource, more knowledgeable and better comunicative. So, knowing your company inside and out will, in turn, improve the public image externally.

 That's why, we need to pay attention in these 5 steps:

1. Listen: As communicators we often forget that listening is the key to have greats relationships. In order to have an extraordinary communication, we must have an extraordinary listening. Always remember the wealth of knowledge depends of those around you; if you're not a curious person, become one: ask questions, get interesed it your collegue and get to know your team. Always you'll learn something, become better connected, and find ways to take what you learn and apply it to your own work. Just listen them. 

2. Share: In PR, sharing should be consistent on two fronts: communicating about upcoming objectives and sharing PR successes. Before or at the time of a press campaign, let people know that the release is going to be made public. This can be as simple as a post on a corporate and general email. Most co-workers love to see the press and accolades your company receives, and it is your job to share them. This can be tricky at times: most will enjoy seeing great press, but no one wants a barrage of email every time your company is mentioned. To keep people informed and cut down on your own email, it's okey a weekly or monthly newsletter with links. This can be as simple as an email from you, or an automated alert set up through your monitoring tool. Start by sending these newsletters to all employees and offer the opportunity to opt out. Most will love the info and your department will increase its visibility.

3. Integrate: The best way for a PR team to be successful is to integrate the whole staff as much as possible. PR rarely works well when it operates in a silo. Successful PR requires information, product, experts and other marketing tools to information that only comes through successful integration. 

4. Learn: Future success in PR will be much stronger if everyone learn from each experiences, good and bad ones “Fail fast and learn.” The concept is as simple as insightful: try things, don’t be afraid to fail, and if you do fail, recognize it quickly and learn from the experience.

5. Repeat: Internal PR or communication area cycle that never ends. Listen, share, integrate, learn and repeat. Repeating is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness by getting your brand and company name featured in the visual backgrounds that'll be used everywhere. It may seem overwhelming to think of communication this way, but you should, since every project is constantly renewed.

If you follow these general steps, internal communications will begin to become a natural part of what you do everyday and you will hardly realize your communicating. This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, there will always be challenges; it means you’ll be very good at dealing with them when they arise.

And you, what's your experience with Internal PR? We are interested in your opinion! Leave a comment below ;)!


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