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10 ways to retain users in your mobile app

10 ways to retain users in your mobile app

10 ways to retain users in your mobile app

More than 20% of apps are used only once and abandoned thereafter. Most smartphone users have more than 50 apps on their phones and it’s easy for your app to get lost in the sopped and challenger marketplace.

Brand such as McDonald's, Freddo, Starbucks, Zara have successfully used mobile apps to boost sales, enrich the personal customer experience and improve loyalty, but simply investing in an application is not enough, it has to fit in the company’s overall goals and be backed by a strong product and marketing strategy. It is not easy to create a relationship with the customer and build loyalty in a world where there are endless opportunities for engagement and competition is tough. But the more you understand your audience, get the importance of good mobile strategy, the easier it will be for your brand.

That's why, WinClap decided to bring to you 10 smart tips and practices to capture the user's attention:

1. Ensure excellent performance: Apps performance is an analytical factor in making relation with app users. To guarantee the conversion of the app is necessary to ensure application performance by evaluating your load time and error. All app slower than 2 seconds is considered slow in the mobile world. 

2. Facilitate the incorporation of new users: The optimization course when creating a login before you can use the application is an important factor in the mobile world. Experiment with different login options like email, social or even no login at all to make the process as fast and consistent as possible. 

3. Analize First Time User Experience (FTUE): significant number of apps get used only once poses a test before the app developers to make the first experience worthwhile. The focus of the app developer should be on simplicity and intuitive design, but sometimes it is a challenge to achieve it. Apps can also have overlay help screens to facilitate easy understanding of app’s features and interface.

4. Include self-service options: Engage and retain app users with proactive and contextual FAQs. This can be done by providing users with the option to self-serve from a pre-curated list of topics based on where they are inside your app.

5. Attract the right users: It's usually within the first few minutes of downloading your app that users evaluate whether or not your app meets their expectations. An app description that accurately details its value to your users ensures that the right traffic comes to your app. The longer it takes for users to realize the value of your app, the faster they delete your app and return to the app store for a replacement. 

6. Coupon strategies: Beyond onboarding, using coupon strategies as WinClap does aims to engage and keep users active. Users will return to your app when it brings them value that is constant. By providing a coupon, WinClap also shows their users that they understand their needs and builds and strengthens why they use their app in the first place.

7. Offer value to your users: The most important factor influencing users to return to your app is value. Why would a user return to your app if there's nothing in it for him? New features, activities and incentives should be introduced in every update. Notifications are an excellent way to keep your users engaged and remind them about new and exciting app offerings in a clear and concise manner. Giving your users incentives to use your app is another way to ensure loyalty. 

8. Ensure great performance: Seduce your users with an easy and functional UI that is captivating and interactive. Choose your color palette wisely. Colors are a good way to signal action, influence mood and cause physiological reactions. Your app must engage your users in an instant. Familiarize new users with your app by designing a simple and easy onboarding process.
9. Give your users control: As soon as users interact with your app, give them control to customize your gifts to suit their personal needs. Allow them to opt-into notifications, emails or newsletters. Do not bombard your users with information or features they do not want. Allow your users to integrate their community by allowing them to share activities from your app to social media. This way, your users get to flaunt their activity and progress in your app while also giving you a free advertising opportunity.

10. Listen to your users: The most important engagement strategy is to listen to your audience. It's important to earn the trust of the users to communicate through app messages by providing valuable and meaningful offers and the option of unsubscribe at will. When you listen to your users you not only engage the users, but you have better chance of improving on the app store ratings and work on relevant feedback to fix dislikes.

If you want users to retain your app for a longer period, you need to engage with them on a regular basis in one way or the other. What other tactics have you made use of for reducing uninstall rates of your app? We want to know your opinion! Leave a comment below ;).



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